Neo-what? Neon means “new one” and ology means “the study of”. Why would we make up a new word? Because Neonology is meant to offer a new way of looking at ourselves and our community. The visual Neon has importance in our name as well; if someone walked into a room wearing a neon shirt, it would be hard to ignore them even if we tried- that’s what we want to accomplish with the messages in our workshop.

 What IS Neonology!?

Neonology is a workshop that focuses on demonstrating the power we have to stop discrimination and racism in our communities! Our goal is to start a conversation about the discrimination that exists around us, and to empower ourselves to take steps towards connecting with each other and encouraging diversity through awareness, compassion and action. The Neonology program has been presented to over 3,500 secondary students since 2009. We provide Neonology workshops for grade 10 youth, Neonology 2.0 for grades 5-7 and Neonology Legacy for adult communities! Book one today!!


If you are interested in having Neonology facilitate our interactive & innovative workshops on these specific topics with your youth or organization, please contact us at: sarahc@nsms.ca

The Original Neonology was for  youth with these goals:

[a] Empower youth to be aware of how we judge people on even just their clothes and how much more powerful it is to judge them on things they cannot change.

[b] Have real conversations about the ideas of power and privilege and how it affect our lives.

[c] Empower youth to understand their own power + potential to create change in their community.




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